Dianoian Directorate

Dual Universe Federation

Services and Benefits

DIA offers a wide array of services and benefits to its members.

– Fully equipped headquarters adjacent to Alioth market 7.
– Get your SkyHub in our SkyCity atop our headquarters.
– Become a SkyCity Industrialist to merge your industry with DIA.
– DIA colonies across 8 planets to access all tiers of ore.
– Free ships to mine and scan at DIA colonies.
– Free warp shuttle service.
– Choose over 25 paid careers in DIA to make a living.
– Enjoy DIA’s sophisticated banking and services system.
– Find active people to play together with across all timezones.
– Access to DIA shipline for your ship needs.

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Daily Activities

Ever bored wondering what to do in the game? DIA has hundreds of members, and it is full of collective activities to participate on a daily basis including but not limited to:

– PvP fleets and training.
– Meganode mining operations.
– Colony mining operations.
– Construct design training.
– Industrial production.
– Freight and passenger hauling.

Fast-Growing Post-Beta DU Organization

Greetings, I am Olmeca Gold, the president of DIA.

Some of you may know me from my piracy and asymmetric warfare activities in Eve Online.

Dianoia means mathematical and technical knowledge in Ancient Greek. I formed Dianoian Directorate in the hopes of evolving it to a full-blown space nation.

With 8 departments across all activities in Dual Universe, we are on a constant lookout for pilots, miners, military personnel, programmers, recruiters and more. Anyone is welcome!

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