Benefits 976 650 Dianoian Directorate

Ore Bank Program

DIA offers you a way to get what you want way more efficient way comparing to using the unestablished DU markets.

  1. Bring in ore or do other services for DIA.
  2. Build up your account of ORCs (Ore Credits).
  3. Spend it on the ever-growing list of elements and ships we are producing.

Newbro Ships Program

Your starter 100k you will receive a medium container atmospheric hauler (Prospector) or a space shuttle (Whippet) in our Alioth base.

Doctrine Ships Program

Buy our premade doctrine ships at a discount for advanced missions. See our shipline.

Alioth Real Estate

Static core deployment rights to good tiles near Alioth or Sanctuary Moon Markets for those who are looking for good real estate.

Advanced Gameplay

Do you want to be a ship designer, marketeer, miner, space trucker, pirate, or architect? You can do these alone. Or you can experience DU at the Directorate level, by acquiring rights, responsibilities, and access to high tier equipment of DIA.