Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights 976 650 Dianoian Directorate

The bill of rights lays out what kind of leadership can a member expect from the Dianoian Directorate. It is still a work in progress.

  1. The Directorate is considering a transition to a democratized model in a yet-undecided time after the release. Citizens will have the right to vote in presidential elections.
  1. The Directorate shall not ask the Citizen to play more than they can, or in a different way than what they like.
  1. Citizens are entitled to benefit from services made available by the Directorate.
  1. Citizens are entitled to access special trade rates that the Directorate may offer.
  1. The Directorate will ensure the best possible financial outcome for its Citizens while also raising money for Directorate assets.
  1. Every Citizen will be employed by one or multiple departments of their choice, contributing to common goals to the best of their ability.