Departments 976 650 Dianoian Directorate

DIA has numerous departments, each with their own goals and directors.

Department of Diplomacy and War

IGN: DIA Department of Defense [DIA1]                                                                                                         Keywords: PvP, Navies, Territorial Warfare
Director: Creamysquid

  • Acquire individual and department level multi-crew PvP assets.
  • Conduct consensual and non-consensual PvP, guided by PvP directors.
  • Help with inter-organizational diplomacy affairs of DIA.

Department of Industry

IGN: DIA Industries and Commerce [DIA2]
Keywords: Manufacturing
Director: Pawn

  • Build and manage multi-crew directorate factories.
  • Coordinate Skycity Industrialists producing advanced technologies.

Department of Commerce

IGN: DIA Industries and Commerce [DIA2]                                                                                            
Keywords: Trading, Market PvP
Director: Olmeca

  • Conduct and manage trade activities in the name of the directorate.

Department of Recruitment

IGN: No ingame ORG.                                                                                     
Keywords: Recruitment, Onboarding, Propaganda
Director: Ammiziva

  • Help recruit and onboard new players.
  • Prepare and disseminate propaganda and guide material.

Department of Architecture and Creative

IGN: DIA Architecture and Creative [DIA4]                                                                                                
Keywords: Voxelmancy, Construct Design
Director: Dracostan

  • Help with architecture and voxelization of directorate assets and major projects.

Department of Information Technology

IGN: No ingame ORG.                                                                                               
Keywords: IT Infrastructure and Services, LUA
Director: FinnSour

  • Develop and maintain our DIA Services System for tracking sales, mining ops, and member payouts.
  • Help with the IT needs of the Directorate.
  • Develop LUA coding for several uses in game.

Department of Supply and Logistics

IGN: DIA Supply and Logistics [DIA3]                                                                                
Keywords: Mining, Hauling
Director: Krieger

  • Haul assets from Point A to Point B, using directorate level warp-capable haulers.
  • Scout, scan, and organize multi-crew interplanetary mining operations.

Department of Intelligence

IGN: No ingame ORG                                                                                         
Keywords: Spywork, Recon
Director: Koba Felix

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