Introduction 976 650 Dianoian Directorate


I am Olmeca Gold.  Some of you may know me from my symmetric warfare and CSM activities in Eve Online.

Dianioa means mathematical and technical knowledge in Ancient Greek. I formed the Dianoian Directorate [DIA] with the potential for organizational mastery, similar to Eve. We are a federation of Dual Universe players, aiming to be a full-blown space nation. 

  • DIA has a constitution.
  • DIA has 8 departments.
  • We are considering introducing some democratic elements to the organization after beta.

Some Collective DIA Activities:

  • PvP fleets at least twice a week.
  • Meganode mining operations.
  • Colony mining operations.
  • Pilot, miner, builder trainings.

DIA Benefits:

DIA Careers: Make money from over twenty specialized directorate-level career types.

Alioth Headquarters: A fully equipped industrial headquarters on Alioth, from where you can access all tiers of ships and equipment for every purpose.

New Player Benefits: Get your starter miner or interplanetary ship for 100k (your first day salary)!

State of The Art Shipline Enjoy access to a multitude of ship designs for any purpose!

Alioth Real-Estate: Get your own static core in the DIA SkyCity with other DIA members, right next to Alioth Market 7.

Outer Planet Colonies: 5 colonies across the system. Access to all tiers of ore.

Warp Taxi: Travel planets within seconds with free warp taxi service to and from colony planets.

Freight Services: Request transport services from/to DIA colonies (free) or private places (for a fee).

Public Ships: Mine and scan at the colonies. Become a DIA hauler or cab driver. Join DIA Navy. Do all this without even needing a ship!

Internal Banking System: Full fledged banking and rewards system to bypass the ingame limitations of remote quanta sending.=