DIA Bank Program

DIA Bank Program 976 650 Dianoian Directorate

At DIA we pay members for their contributions to the org. There’s a job for everyone. Here are a few views of our DIA Services System — the central database that connects our members actions in DU with our in-org economy and discord privileges.

1) Balances Sheet: Your ORC balances.

2) Ore Deposits: Deposits we’ve logged in the system. On the right side, notice the green cells. This is the greenlight system. Only the green cells will convert to ORCs. The green area will grow when we need the more of that type of ore we’re using. If you brought ore that is not greenlit, it waits in the line until we greenlight it to convert to ORCs. This is to prevent inflating ORC vs meganodes, and motivating you to bring in a good ratio of ore.

3) ORC Rates: These are Ore to ORC conversion rates. Rates can change over time. The “dynamic value” at the deposit sheet will change with it, but the “locked value” is the strike price of ORC at a given time, which will be counted toward your ORC Balance.

4) ORC Transactions: This keeps track of changes in your ORC account.

5) Ship & Element pricing: These are prices of elements, services, and constructs you can buy.