Services and Benefits

Services and Benefits 976 650 Dianoian Directorate

DIA offers a wide array of services and benefits to its members.

Alioth Headquarters: A fully equipped industrial headquarters on Alioth, from where you can access all tiers of ships and equipment for every purpose.

New Player Benefits: Get your starter miner or interplanetary ship for 100k (your first day salary)!

State of The Art Shipline:  Enjoy access to a multitude of ship designs for any purpose!

Alioth Real-Estate: You can make your home in the DIA territory adjacent to Alioth market 7. Purchasable housing options will be available soon!

Outer Planet Colonies: 5 colonies across the solar system with access to all tiers of ore (Jago, Symeon, Lacobus, Ion, Sinnen).

Public Ships: Mine and scan at the colonies without needing your own ship. Very good combination with warp taxi services!

Warp Taxi: Travel planets within seconds with free warp taxi service to and from colony planets.

Freight Services: Send your ore to DIA from colonies for free, or hire a hauler to move your goods from anywhere to anywhere for a fee!

Internal Currency and Reward System: No effort goes unrewarded with ORCs (Ore Credits). Earn ORCs by bringing in ore to DIA or providing services; spend them on DIA-made ships and elements, or cash out in quanta (1/1 exchange rate)!